Sunday February 27, 2011

Jeff will be inducted in to “The Walk of Fame” in front of the Historic Rylander Theatre.  Built in 1921 and completely renovated in 1997, The Rylander Theatre is an historic landmark in Downtown Americus.  A ceremony honoring Jeff will be held at The Rylander at 2:00 Sunday afternoon.  There will be a reception inside the theatre after the ceremony.  Along with friends, family members and collectors of Jeff’s Art, the public is welcome to attend.

The Walk of Fame recognizes citizens, past and present, who have made a significant contribution to the City of Americus and Sumter County in the State of Georgia, USA.

The sidewalk in front of the theatre is laden with bronze plaques bearing the name of the Honoree, accompanied by their hand prints and signature in concrete, which becomes a permanent part of the sidewalk.

Perhaps the most recognizable name on The Walk of Fame, is former Georgia State Governor, Former President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Jimmy Carter, Jr.   Also well know names are Former U.S. Attorney General Griffin B. Bell, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Charles Frederick Crisp, Georgia Supreme Court Justice and Philanthropist Thomas O. Marshall Jr., Civil Rights Leader Reverend Joseph R. Campbell and Olympic Gold Medalist Angel Myers-Martino.

In 2007, when Jeff was invited to exhibit his Art in The Louvre in Paris, he couldn’t imagine a greater honor.  Two years later he was selected to be The Official Artist of the 2009 Kentucky Derby.  Again he couldn’t imagine anything topping that. However, being recognized and honored by his Hometown of Americus, Georgia has touched him far more!